A Thank You Letter

girl writing-yogaaAs much as I enjoy doing them, teaching the Yogilates classes sometimes feels to me like I’m pushing a heavy rock up a mountain, with few breaks of satisfaction (I am learning not to take these feelings seriously, though). A letter I recently received, where a friend wrote about what the classes mean to her, was a beautiful such moment of satisfaction, one that helps me to keep pushing that rock. I’d like to share the letter with you.
Hello Carlos,
Today, after the Yogilates class, I realized that it’s been six years since I’ve met you. I remember that evening so clearly; it was one of the first classes at Ota’s and you were waiting in front of the building to be sure everyone would find the place. It was a cold February evening, but your face was warm and your eyes were smiling to us behind the glasses. You were so natural that you seemed unreal to me. Later, I understood some things about these sensations and I can say that you inspired me to be me and feel natural and comfortable as being me.

For me, your class isn’t about movement, although I look better, I discovered a lot of new muscles in my body, I am more flexible, healthier and stronger.

For me, your class isn’t about yoga poses, although I practice them at home and they are my trusted base when I travel and try yoga classes all over the world.

For me, your class is about finding myself and becoming friends with myself, and, finally, totally loving myself. For me, your class was the beginning of a new lifestyle.

It is about being aware, which changed about 90% of my old vision of life. It is about connecting with my body, discovering it and loving it, with its limits. It was for the first time that I found out that it is ok to know your limits and accept them, not just push them.

It is about life. Every breath I take and I am aware of brings life into my body and my heart. What a feeling to notice my breath!

It is about discovering myself and showing that self to the others without being afraid. It is about not comparing anymore. What a release!

It is about being grateful that we are such wonderful human beings!
It is about letting go, the simplest and the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced!
When I come to your classes, Carlos, I feel like I have a meeting with myself, the real, the innocent and the perfect me as I am!

I want to thank you for your guidance, for your kindness, for that look that comes from the beautiful feeling that you are doing what you love, for your patience, for teaching me that everything I choose to do or not do is OK, if that is what I really want, for bringing the idea of balance in my life, for being a friend when I needed it most, for being you and inspiring me. Thank you! Thank you from all my heart, Carlos!

You know, it seems to me that you speak almost about the same things now, as you did six years ago, but what and how I understand now is completely different.

Meeting you and starting Yogilates classes was like beginning a journey to a new me where things came to their place one by one, in their own time. In the end, it is all about connection and love.

Thank you!

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